About Ivana

Ivana was born in Italy. As a little girl, she loved to sing Psalms to God in church.  Despite her religious background, various personal challenges held her back from pursuing her dreams. Through a radical and life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ, His grace and unconditional love became a “reality.” From that moment on, a new journey of restoration began to unfold, which led Ivana to discover God’s plan for her life.

In 2008, she travelled on an Israeli Tour where she met her future husband who was travelling from Australia. By the end of that year, Ivana had moved to Sydney. Since then, they have both been involved in the local church, serving in pastoral care, creative teams, and outreach ministries while pursuing advanced studies at Alphacrucis Bible College in Sydney.

In 2012, Ivana attended a course on Foundational Worship at Hope Academy presented by Darlene Zschech and David Holmes. This worshop had a remarkable impact on Ivana’s life. Their teachings on the “authenticity of worship” flowing from  years of experience stirred in Ivana even more the passion to boldly declare the finished work of Christ as the way God made her to be. Although she is inspired by many amazing artists, Ivana still maintains her European flavour. 

A Word from Ivana

“Hi everyone,

As a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, I felt compelled to step out of my comfort zone to share my personal revelation of His unconditional love and grace through songs. We all are called to bear witness of our Saviour, and what I love most about God is that He, the Perfect One, chooses imperfect and ordinary people like you and me to participate in His extraordinary mighty plan for humanity. Experiencing a beautiful journey of restoration, including the pursuit  of lost dreams, has brought me a conviction that God delights in us when we step up in faith to activate our given gifts and talents to bring glory to His name. After all, as we surrender our lives to Him in constant pursuit of His presence and His will, Jesus will take care of the rest, and the outcome will rest completely in  His hands.

I believe that it is never too late to discover our identity in Him, to grow in His love, develop our full potential and pursue our dreams. We just need to start from somewhere and live the journey. It would be an absolute pleasure and delight to connect with you all!

Much love